Substitutes: The Stars of the School

Ella Jefferies

Some people don’t like having substitute teachers, some enjoy have substitutes in their class, and some just don’t care. It may not really matter, but there are reasons that people feel this way. Some students use substitutes to their advantage because they could say that they are allowed to sit by their friend or mess around on their phone when they’re not supposed to and the substitute might just think that that’s what they’re allowed to do.

Other people who don’t really care about having substitutes in their class usually try and listen to the substitute, so they do what they are supposed so that they can get the rewards they want. Substitutes don’t always get the respect they deserve because sometimes students are obnoxious and loud, which makes the substitute’s job harder.

All the time, 100 percent, you have a substitute teacher in your class who is just trying to do what they have been instructed to do by your teacher. This is what most people understand, that the substitute teachers are just trying to get all the students to work their hardest the way their teacher would have been having them work originally. Sometimes, when there is a certain type of substitute, the class has full respect for the substitute. Usually, these types of substitutes gain control of the class before it gets out of control. “I know they are just doing their job,” says Samuel Jefferies.

It’s understandable because some students are the type of person to not do the assignment they were given and do what they decide what they want to do, while other students are the type of person who stays quiet and does their work. Usually having a substitute in class can be a little difficult for the substitute and the people in the class who want to learn because of the other people who don’t care about their actions and what it does to the others around them.