New Comes in, Old Goes Out

Sophie Harston

Everybody knows that the Draper Park Middle School’s cell phone policy is changing. This may be for the best because even if the old cell phone policy was effective in theory, it clearly did not keep students’ phones in their backpacks. Our cell phone policy needs to change because of the fact that the old one was inadequate, too short, and because the school has been asked to examine the policy by the district. 

The original policy found on the school website only says, “Electronic devices may be allowed in classrooms according to teacher’s discretion. Administration will support well-reasoned classroom policies.” This does not have enough details and we definitely need a new, longer, more detailed policy. There are many opinions about what the new policy should be.  When I interviewed the principal, Mary Anderson, she explained to me that she took the details from the teacher, parent, and student survey into equal consideration. 

I noticed that the teachers and the parents often had identical percentages although students’ answers were often was split down the middle. When I asked the principal why she chose to change the policy, she said, “Well, actually, the district asked us to reexamine our device policy.” All of the other schools in the district had to also consider if their policy needed to change and ours was one of the ones that did. The principal said that students should look for the updated policy towards the end of the school year. Follow the old policy until the new one comes and keep this school incredible!