The Importance of Self Love

Bella Shelton

Self-love is a very essential part of having a healthy life. Self-love is the idea that through thick and thin, you need to love yourself no matter what. We interviewed a few people that show what self-love should be and how to achieve self-love if you’re struggling with it.

Seventh-grade counselor Ms. Montoya stated that we all need to practice having self-love because “it doesn’t just come to you naturally.” Before self-love comes self-acceptance. Ms. Montoya also said that kids come to her office all the time that are having trouble with self-hate and have a hard time being confident.

Kids get stuck in a bad mood and it is hard for them to start having self-worth. One person we interviewed was social media influencer, Vasty Pearson. She says, “The sole purpose of make-up is to feel confident and show artistic abilities.” What this tells us is that we are hiding behind an art form and that self-love is a problem. The art of makeup also shows artistic ability, but, in the midst of that, we should feel comfortable going outside without it. Even though that is a controversial comment, it needs to be shared. Girls and people, in general, are struggling with this topic to the point where it’s unsafe. Unsafe can mean self-harm, self-hate, and even suicide.

Gabby Shelton, a professional in the makeup industry, says that, on average, one decent set of makeup can cost at a minimum if $400. Social media influencer Vasty Pearson says that she currently owns about $5,000 worth of makeup. If these makeup products cost these extremely high amounts and rates for these products skyrocketing, why are so many girls and boys buying these items?

It is apparent that makeup can be used for self-confidence and as art but can also be a mechanism for self-hate. We should stop opening up our wallets for this makeup and start opening up our hearts. Self-love isn’t impossible. It can be accomplished by breaking bad habits and working hard.