Vending Machines: the Key to Happiness at School

Bridgette Marsh

Vending machines are the pathway to succeeding in school. Draper Park Middle School should have at least one vending machine because staff and students get hungry during school. Also, if food is accessible, then it will help students focus. Furthermore, if the students that go to Draper Park Middle School are hungry and have not eaten, then it is harder to work as hard as they could have if they had eaten.

There is no other way to buy food during school besides getting food from the lunchroom. You can not eat the school lunch food in the classrooms or in the hallways. Teachers and staff may believe that the classrooms, hallways,  and even bathrooms will get trashed with wrappers, bottles, and other trash from the vending machine; however, Draper Park Middle School has had vending machines in the past, so students will be taught that if you use the vending machine the wrong way, then it will be taken away for a few days or even weeks.

Having the vending machine being taken away should not happen because the students will not want to take their chances of not having the vending machine available. This means that the classrooms, halls, and bathrooms will not be trashed. Zack Ware, a sixth-grade student council member that attends Draper Park, was interviewed on this topic. This student said, “We can have people sometimes walking down the halls, like the hall monitors and Cindy and they can just be watching.”

This means that there can be aides and other staff walking down the school halls to make sure that the vending machine or vending machines are being used properly. There can also be trash cans placed in the school to make sure that all of the trash is being thrown away. In conclusion, Draper Park Middle School should have vending machines because students get hungry during school and it will help students focus more.