Can We Stop Quizzes?

Sydney Radl

Envision school without tests or quizzes.  In my opinion, Draper Park Middle School students do not enjoy having the pressure to take quizzes. Quizzes have been and continue to be stressful for kids all over the U.S. The thing about quizzes is that some kids believe that quizzes have a meaning and that they are helpful. Some believe that they truly have helped with memorization skills and it gets them ready and prepared for the test. But for many other people, they not only bring stress and anxiety, but they also bring grade percentages down.

Quizzes typically are re-takable and tests are usually not. It is more likely for students to not try as hard on a quiz as on a test because they can just redo it. Is it useful for students to have quizzes when they have homework and other assignments that will get them ready for the test?

Tests appear to bring remarkably more pressure and more of an apprehensive feeling than quizzes so for what reason should there be something else to stress over? Quizzes have no actual use. You are provided with homework, practice assignments, etc. Why would it be useful for the students to use the quizzes when they already have to deal with homework and other assignments that will get them ready for the test?

According to a student at Draper Park Middle School, Sadie Jex, on a scale from one to five (one being calm, two being fine but somewhat nervous, three being very nervous, four being scared and anxious, and five being terrified) she feels mainly like a four when about to take a quiz. Students should not have to deal with the extra work when they already have so many extracurricular or after-school activities.

Quizzes could possibly decrease your grade and students have to take a lot more time than they should have to while studying for those quizzes. In my opinion, quizzes do not have a significant impact on or use for students.