Students Need More Work Days

Summer Clark

In general, I believe school is hard for kids to keep up. Many students get very stressed with school and all the homework that’s given to them every day. While kids have to deal with studying for quizzes and tests, homework, and any extra assignments due, there should be at least one workday a week at school for quiet work time. Work time in class will make it so students are less stressed about quizzes and tests and so that when they get home they can spend time with family and friends. AJ Hammond, a student at Draper Park Middle School, said, “I think school work should stay at school so we have time to relax at home. We already have to go to school for 6 hours every day.”

Teachers want students to do well in their classes. They want them to improve in their work and tests, and most importantly, they want them to learn. A day for work time and studying in class would allow kids to learn everything the teacher is teaching and therefore do better on tests and quizzes. When most kids get home from school, they want to relax after a hard 6 hours of school. While some kids are perfectly fine with taking 20 to 30 minutes to study and finish their homework at home, many students get stressed because they might need to go to a sport they have after school or hang out with friends and family.

Especially in middle school, kids like to take time for themselves and their families, and they want the last part of their day to not involve school. Workdays in class would help kids get a better understanding of what they are learning, give them more time at home after how long they stay in school, and help them to be less overwhelmed.