Elf Dance Performance

Julie Cornell

The Dance Group at Draper Park Middle School performed their amazing dances called “Elf” on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.  In my opinion, they did a great job, but they did lack the whole storyline of Elf. They had to cut two dances due to the amount of time they had to perform, which could’ve caused the lack of the baseline of the Elf storyline. Their technique was amazing. They also had great transitions.

The beginner class of the dance team was very advanced. Many students at Draper Park Middle school were so impressed that they said they wanted to sign up for the dance team at Draper Park Middle school. Lots of dancers said it was a pleasure being at the assembly and performing. I could feel the Christmas spirit at the performance which made me more into Christmas as a whole.

The time that was spent in the dances and hard work all paid off in every single dance. Overall, the dance performance was too amazing for just middle school kids. The dance “Elf” was probably the best show I have been to so far this holiday season.