Instagram popular with students

Example of photo on Instagram

Example of photo on Instagram

Gracie Stronk

Example of photo on Instagram
Example of a photo that could be on Instagram

Instagram has been a very fashionable app in the year 2016, linking people from all over the world. All the way from Utah to Tokyo, people are snapping photos to share.

“Personally, it has opened my eyes to new places and destinations I’ve never heard of or considered,” said professional photographer, The One With The WanderLust.

Instagram has helped many artists, photographers, musicians, athletes, and many more brilliant people get gain a following, making many of their dreams come true, according to

The One With The Wanderlust, an Instagram user, also said, “I have developed my photographic eye through following inspiring accounts from all around the world.”

There are a total of 500 million active monthly users, and 300 million active daily users on Instagram, according to This means approximately 20% of all internet users use instagram, with 58 posts every second.

Avery Hokanson, 7th grade student said, “It may also be dangerous because of some of the people on instagram and because of cyber bullies.”

“There are a total of 9% of teenage girls that use the internet that claim to have been bullied on Instagram. A solution to this could be to make your account private, or to block people,” according to