Covid’s lasting effects


Sloan P

There is no doubt that Covid has had lasting effects, but what are those effects? After things got bad on Friday the 13th of March 2020 the world went into quarantine.

Students were not allowed to go to school and had to figure it out online. For most kids, after that school year and summer ended they went back to in-person learning; wearing masks and having to social distance. Some kids stayed online for the 2020-2021 school year as well, which meant some teachers needed to teach through zoom as well as in-person.

For the most part, students are back in school but Covid hasn’t stopped affecting us. Josie Aho, a 7th grader on team Freyr here at Draper Park Middle School, shares how Covid has affected her long term, “Covid made me move from Texas to Utah.” Katie O’Neal, also a 7th grader here on Team Freyja shares the affects the Corona virus has on her, “Some places still mandate masks.”

Masks will probably always be something we will see around for awhile, but whether or not it is optional we don’t know. There are still a fair amount of students who wear masks at school and you are encouraged to stay home if you are sick, not to mention that we will never get snow days because we can just go on Zoom and do remote learning. Covid’s effects will never go away but whether they’re bad or good, that’s up to you.