Utah’s drought, impacts and solutions

Utahs drought, impacts and solutions

Brody M, Student Writer

Utah’s drought became an issue this summer of 2021. What are the impacts & solutions to this problem?

 3.34 million people live in Utah and everyone who lives here uses water everyday including me and you. We get our water from rivers and reservoirs that get filled up by the melting snow from the mountains. But this year we did not have much rainfall and snowfall causing decreases in our water supply. According to Utah.gov, “Our snowpack was dismal (topping out at 81% and peaking 10 days early), and record dry soils soaked up what little runoff we received. As a result, streams statewide are flowing below normal and reservoirs never refilled.” Everyone in Utah can make a change by small acts on their daily basis.

Utah.gov states, “We don’t know how long this drought will last. That’s out of our control. But what is in our control is how we respond, and what we do as individuals, families, businesses, institutions and industries to conserve water anywhere we can. As temperatures start to cool, it’s time to cut back your lawn watering even more.” I know that my family has been affected by the drought but also has figured out how to find solutions by changing just little things.

 On average we waste up to 65.1 liters of water while taking a shower, that’s about 17 gallons. Also when we water our lawn we use up to 300 gallons of water and about 10,000 gallons a month. So if everyone in Utah uses this water this means everyone together in Utah uses up to 1,058,780,000 gallons of water or 1 billion 58 million 780 thousand gallons a day.

You can water your grass at night when it is cooler and the sun does not allow the water to evaporate as easily. You can higher your lawn mower so it doesn’t cut as short. When grass is longer it doesn’t require much attention related to water.