New Apple Watch swipe keyboard? Think Again.


Braden G

In January 2019, a man by the name of Kosta Eleftheriou believed that Apple was going to jump the gun and buy his new app, called the Flick-Type keyboard. Everyone that he showed at Apple was enthralled about this keyboard. Suddenly, only that evening, Apple sent him an email stating that his app was against the rules, and it was booted off the app store.

With the reveal of the new Apple Watch Series 7, Apple showcased its own swipe keyboard.

This is not the first instance of Apple doing this. Apple created Look Around, a “clone” of Google Maps Street view. Apple was hoping to make users put more data into their app instead of Google Maps. 

Eleftheriou has now become a bitter critic, and has filed a lawsuit against Apple, stating that Apple was repeatedly declining to buy the keyboard, in an effort to buy it from him for cheap. “Evidently, Apple thought Plaintiff would simply give up and sell its application to Apple at a discount,” the complaint reads. It wasn’t until January of 2020 , the keyboard was on the app store and raked in 130,000 in its first month and became one of the biggest apps of 2020(on the app store). For now, Eleftheriou is going to wrap up and go home.