How have the impacts of 9/11 affected America?


Grace C, Student Contributor

Just last week, Americans around the country celebrated one of the most impactful events in our history, 9/11. 

This year marks 20 years since this corrupt and terrifying event. You may have heard of the terrorist group that was responsible for this attack, but have been left wondering why they would do such a thing. The simple answer is that they were looking to overthrow the Middle East governments which the US has provided support for. By bombing the iconic symbol the Twin Towers provided for America, al-Qeada hoped to lessen the help provided by the US through acts of violence. 

While America could have backed away, we did just the opposite and tried to become better as a country. The effects of 9/11 weren’t all destructive, as there was an increase in national security, airline security, building safety and much more. The USA patriot act was passed on October 2001 which, “expanded the government’s intelligence-gathering tools and its ability to detain and deport immigrants suspected of terrorism.” (9/11 Memorial Website) Citizens gathered together and were inspired to better serve and help those who were suffering. 

Mrs. Stirling, a teacher at DPMS, remembers 9/11 and recounts her experience and the intense emotions that were present during that day. She said, “I got to school and went to the media specialist (librarian) at our school and told him to turn on the tv news.  We half watched the tv and half taught lessons all morning until word came that this was not the best thing for the students to be viewing…I remember how decimating this was to have so many firefighters killed at one time.” 

Even though 9/11 occurred 2 decades ago, people that were present during the actual plane crash are still experiencing repercussions. The dust from the fallen building, industrial chemicals, and jet fuel residue all combined together made for a hazardous concoction that was harmful to the body. The air quality wasn’t thought to have been as bad as it really was, therefore leaving thousands of people exposed who are now experiencing chronic illnesses, respiratory diseases, and mental health issues. 2,000 people have died with over 100 types of cancer. 

9/11 is an event that will always be remembered as something that changed our country forever. We owe it to all the people who were affected to learn about their story, so if you want to learn more, visit this site