Students Vandalize Bathrooms, Limit Freedoms

Students Vandalize Bathrooms, Limit Freedoms

Miles P, Student Writer

Over the past few weeks, students have been stealing and destroying school property. Whether it’s soap dispensers, toilet paper, or mirrors in the boys locker room, bathrooms have been nearly inaccessible over the past week. This vandalism is based off of a Tik Tok trend called Devious Licks and has spread all over the nation. 

The main things that have been stolen are soap dispensers. Students also have been taking all the toilet paper and paper towels, and throwing them away so other kids can’t use them, which is making students and teachers mad.

Skyler Newbold, 7th grade, said, “Why would people do stuff like that? It’s not making them any better, it’s just harming others.” Tyler Millar, also in 7th grade, said, “It’s just people being stupid, just trying to get attention for something that doesn’t matter.”

7th grader Gavin Pettit said, “I had to run across the entire school just to use the bathroom!” Mr. Nuetzel, science teacher for team Freyja, said, “I feel disappointed in the students who chose to commit these acts of vandalism, film them, or watch them. I hope that these students would understand that being destructive at school is unacceptable. I hope that our student body values their school environment more than likes on social media. This school has the nicest facilities of any school I’ve taught in. I hope that we can all contribute to keeping it that way.’

The bathroom in purple hall is still closed, making it difficult for students to get back to class after using the bathroom in a reasonable amount of time. Teachers and students alike are sending the same message: Stop vandalizing our bathrooms!