Smoke from California Fires Travels to Utah


Olivia S., Student Writer

Wildfires from California have been impacting Utah with smoke for a couple of months now. The fires have been affecting people with asthma, even for the people who don’t have breathing issues. It is very unhealthy for everyone. From a KSL report states, “…KSL Air Quality Network continues to show air quality levels considered unhealthy for anyone at times, especially along the Wasatch Front and northern Utah.” The smoke has also been causing big thunderstorms which the lightning has been getting more fierce. Weather reporters have been very shocked by the combo of smoke and rain back in August. That was the worst the smoke got in Utah. But during the weekend in Draper, the skies have been clearing up. There was no smoke in the Salt Lake Valley for Saturday and Sunday this week. Reporters believe the smoke should clear in the next couple of days.