Students Have Different Opinions on Quiz Retake Policies


Ruchi P, Writer

Students at Draper Park Middle have different opinions on the quiz retake policy. Teachers have different policies making it different for each class and each student. Some students say that the policy is just fine while others think it should be changed. 

Some students say the policy needs to be changed. 7th grade student Jenna Stanley said, “ I think we should be able to retake a quiz no matter what score we get.” Another 7th grade student Audrey Self said, “I wish all the teachers would make us retake the quiz and not have us do different things for each class.” Some students think the retake policy is fine. A 7th grader said, “I think the quiz retakes are just fine and they aren’t confusing.” Another 7th grade student said, “I like the quiz retakes just the way they are.” 

The teachers also don’t know that students have different opinions on the quiz retakes. Students should ask their teachers about the different policies and share their opinions to clear any misunderstanding. If students still don’t understand they should visit Draper Park Middle and look at the policies or visit their own school website.