The Missing Supplies in the Lunch Room


Dani H, journalist

At lunchtimes at DPMS we have not had any supplies for lunch such as trays, sauces, and just food in general. Where have all the stuff gone? What caused them to be gone? How are we going to get the back? 

The students at lunch times have been eating 2-3 meals at lunch, either because they are hungry or because there is a certain food item they want that they will go get food and throw away the majority of food and just eat the main thing. One of the lunch ladies, Vickie Neujahr, says that “Kids are eating 2-3 lunches a day, and we are very under staffed we have been working 3 to 4 different jobs, and we don’t have enough food or the time to make more for the people who don’t get it.” There has been a huge staff problem at DPMS that are not the teachers such as bus drivers, lunch ladies, and janitors. Because of this staff problem the staff have been working 3-4 jobs to keep everything for the students up and running.

We also don’t have lunch trays we have been eating off of fry holders with all of our food in it. They are gone because the student issue where for example, 7th grade students will go into A lunch (6th grade lunch) on there way to class and go in the lunch line for chips and get a sandwich and chips but throw away the sandwich so people are using more trays and since the trays are not reusable they go down about 5-10 trays a day.