Should DPMS have vending machines?


Sophia N. C, Writer

At Draper Park Middle, the school administration rid the building of vending machines in the 2014-2015 school year. Vending machines would provide food for hungry students before lunch just in case they forget to bring their own snacks.

However, the vending machines would also provide opportunities to bring out the worst in people. Some include, vandalism, trashing it, stealing food out of the bottom. According to a 6th grader at DPMS, Gwen Horsely, “You kinda can’t get out of control with them, because you have to pay for them.” What she means is that people wouldn’t take too much food because you have to pay for each individual snack.

Josie Aho, a 7th grader at DPMS also said, “There areĀ those kids that kick it, and some kids are responsible.” She meant that yes, people will kick it, and there are some that misuse it, and yes, they have the loudest voices. But, she also says, “…some kids are responsible.” There will be mature students that will use it normally and respectfully.

Mrs. Butler, a teacher here at DPMS said, “There would be vandalism.” Yes, there will be vandalism. For example, last week, in the bathrooms, the toilets were purposely clogged, and toilet water spilled all over the floors. Vending machines would be helpful, but they would also give people the chance to be their worst.