Student- led parent/teacher conferences are this week.


Anna Y, Student Writer

Parent teacher conferences are the 21st-22nd here at DPMS. The times for these conferences are from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. These are going to be student led conferences.

Student led conferences are where the student leads the conversation. The student gets to discuss their goals and what they have been doing in class. They also discuss their grades and if the teacher or the family can help with anything. 

It is also a time for parents/guardians to voice any concerns that they have for their student to the teacher.The teacher might also discuss classroom procedures to the parents/guardians.  The teacher might also mention what behavior their students are expected to follow. 

Why or how does Student Led conferences help? From the Draper Park website, it states that it, “helps students take ownership of their learning and become an active participant in the conversations surrounding their education.” 

There are no appointments necessary. Students need to come with their parents or guardians. If you or your parent/guardian/student has concerns that can not be discussed within the few minutes that you have, request a meeting with the teacher.