7th graders required to take health


Bently P, Writer

Health is a requirement for 7th graders at DPMS.  Teachers are given a specific curriculum to teach that is age appropriate for 7th graders.  Some students have decided to opt-out of health class and choose a different elective.

According to Dr. Watts, principal at DPMS, “In 7th grade kids are getting older and are needing to learn how to keep a healthy life style. Learning how to keep a healthy life is important. I think that everyone could use a health class.”

The purpose of the health education program is to help students with their physical, emotional, mental and social behaviors.

Ms. Feffer, a counselor at Draper Park, said, “Health teaches students not only about physical but also mental health. Teaching students about making healthy choices for the body and mind is important.”

Health class as one of the electives for 7th grade students only.