Students Prepare: DPMS Dance Concert 2021


Ally H, Student Writer

In previous years, DPMS has had a dance concert provided by the school’s dance team. Dance members have provided us information for this year’s concert, and Mrs Wilson and the dance team have confirmed that they are having a dance concert in December for the winter dance concert this year! Details to follow from dance team members Katie O’Neal and Anna Yergensen.

“The winter concert is on December 14 at 7pm.” Says Anna Yergensen, an excellent dance team member, after being asked when the concert is. Will there be a concert this year, and if so in what form?: “Yes. Probably as an assembly. Last year they filmed it.” Says Katie O’Neal, another talented dancer. What is the theme of the concert?: “The nutcracker.” Katie informs us. Given the information, dance team members seem very excited about the concert provided this year.

A classic Christmas tradition follows the dance team’s concert, the nutcracker. The entire dance team will be doing the performance, making it the ultimate winter dance. All readers make sure to come to the nutcracker themed dance concert on December 14, 7 pm to support this year’s amazing dancers!