Unit One is Ending for Most Students, What’s Next?

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Kensie J., Student Writer

Many teachers either already have or are about to end their first unit since the beginning of the school year. What will they do next?

Why are the first units ending already? Well, after being in school for about a month already, teachers need to move on and begin to teach other important things. They will start to begin new math units, some new English units, new social studies units, and so on. This is so that you will be able to learn the basic things you will need to know for next year so you don’t get behind. It’s important to know when your units are ending because that’s the last day you can make up late work.

 After asking Layla Valadez, a 7th grade student why it’s important to do your work on time, she says, “So that you don’t get behind in class and get bad grades.” She also said that on team Thor, their first unit in science that’s ending soon is, “Newton’s laws of motion.” Clearly, it’s important to get your work done before the unit is over so that you can keep your grades up and have a good citizenship grade.

 Some of the new units will teach students things they will need to know for their next grade or for upcoming tests or quizzes. If students do not keep up, they will start to fail many tests and quizzes and have lots of late work, which ends up in bad grades. Then, they’ll fall behind on the next unit and the next, which ends up in them being behind for the next school year, which becomes a vicious cycle.