6th grade electives different from 7th and 8th


Saige R

In Canyon School District, there are only certain electives students can take. The 6th graders in our district have fewer elective options than the 7th and 8th.  Electives such as woodwork, ceramics, student aid, and journalism are available to only 7th and 8th grade students. 

Dr. Watts, the principal of DPMS  says that the reason 6th graders cannot take certain electives is because some of the classes are set up by the state and most 6th graders in the state are still in elementary school.

For example, to be a student aid, you need to be honest, hard working, a good student, responsible, and a nice friend. Although some 6th graders have these traits they are not able to take this elective until 8th grade.  

The electives that 6th graders can take are art, theater 1, Spanish 1A, math lab, choir, Chinese, PE, CCA, and dance.