Team Heimdall to go on first field trip since quarantine


Ashlyn C

Team Heimdall is having the first field trip of the 2021-2022 school year: a hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trails that will take place September 29. It will be the first field trip since the quarantine, as COVID-19 restricted any activities that would increase unnecessary contact. The 8th grade team will be learning about what they’ve done in US History so far: the Americas before, and after colonization.

The goal of the trip is to experience how European explorers would choose a place to settle in. To do this, the entire group will be hiking a portion of the Aqueduct and Bonneville Shoreline Trails. It will be about four miles long, and will require no bussing. The hike will take a few hours, so students will need to miss their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods. 

Depending on the weather for that day, everybody must wear the appropriate clothing. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes! The deadline for all permission slips, whether you would like to go or not, is Thursday, September 23. Be sure to turn them in to Ms. Ryan, so you can attend!