Fingerboards at Draper Park Middle School


Bronson E, Student Writer

Fingerboards are trending now especially here at Draper Park Middle School. But, what are they? Fingerboards are skateboards but for your fingers. You can do the same tricks and even crazier ones without getting hurt! 

Tech decks are made of 5 main parts. The deck is the board itself.  It is a long piece of plastic that has round edges and ends that slant up. The grip tape goes on top of the deck and allows you to do tricks because of its tackiness.  The trucks go on the bottom of the board and is what creates the pop so you can do tricks. The wheels make you move forward and back. Without bearings, you wouldn’t be able to turn side to side. The hardware is what holds the thing together. It’s the nuts, bolts, and screws that hold the trucks in place.

Fingerboards have become extremely popular at this school because when students are bored, they have something to do in class.

Mason Wood, a very talented finger boarder at DPMS said, ““I like [finger boards] because you can do sick hard flips and steezy nose grinds. That’s what makes it fun. The tricks that you are able to pull off.” 

There are also different types of Fingerboards. Fingerboards have a foam grip and a wide deck so they are very smooth to shred on. Tech Decks have rough griptape but are just as good to do tricks on. 

I would highly recommend getting a board like a P-Rep rather than a Tech Deck.