Orchestra and Band Students Prepare for Concert


Helena G, Journalist

On October 7th at DPMS, orchestra and band students will perform in the auditorium for their first concert of the year. Students in these classes have been preparing since the beginning of school for the concert. 

Mr. Giddings has been the music teacher at our school for three years, counting this year. Since he has been teaching, the band and orchestra have gotten the highest rating possible at the district competition and the state competition (with an exception of last year, due to it not being held). There are three orchestra classes at our school, and two band classes. There are  beginning, intermediate, and advanced orchestras, and beginning and concert bands. 

The orchestra classes have been doing well this year. Violinist, Zachary Su, who is in the advanced orchestra said, “It’s been better than last year. We started in a better position and we are doing harder music. We are ready for the concert. The three songs we have are coming along well, but there are just a few things we need to fix.”

Alta Brower, an 8th grade flutist in the concert band, agrees about her class, “We are doing honestly a lot better. The 8th graders this year are much better than the 8th graders were at this point last year.” It seems that both of the advanced classes are doing much better than last year, and they are both ready for the concert.

The concert band is playing the songs Shadows Unleashed, Black Forset Overture, and Midnight Sky. The advanced orchestra is playing Nighthawk, Ghost Carnival, and Haunted Carousel. The students practice thirty minutes a night, and will practice extra as the concert approaches. The formal wear for the concert is normally black, but this year they are allowed to wear halloween costumes. Be on the lookout for more information on the upcoming concert.