Student Council at DPMS

Reagan S.

The student council at Draper Park Middle School Starts on October 4 of 2021. This year students will be allowed two posters that will be picked up from the main office. Students will also be interviewed by a teacher or staff member who is on the student council committee. Results will be released in between the dates October 21st.

Mrs. Steel, a teacher on the student council committee, said, “ I am excited that they added the interview this year. It will help us get to know our students better.” Students are not allowed to hand out candy, flyers, etc. If selected to be a part of the student council they are expected to be on their best behavior and set an example for all students

at DPMS. If students choose to not follow the rules the committee can and will kick them off of the student council. Ten students per grade will be allowed on the student council, making the student council 30 students.