How is bullying bad?

How is bullying bad?

Heidi M, Writer

Bullying and drama can lead to physical fights, suicide, (which is the second leading death for teens ages 12-18) mental health problems, and kids switching schools. Students at DPMS have had their own experiences with bullying.

Gweneth Smart, a 7th grader, said, “I gave my bully a mint and I was never bullied again.” That doesn’t mean to give your bully a mint, it means to be nice to your bully. Show them you don’t care. 

According to a study, 78% of kids experience verbal bullying. It is the most common way of people getting bullied.  50% of kids experience social harassment which is the 2nd most common. 29% of kids get physically bullied. 25% of kids get cyber bullied.

In general bullying and drama is not good and it is not needed in any shape and/or form.  Always remember to reach out to a trusted adult if bullying is happening.