Is School Food Healthy?


Gabriela Z

Draper Park Middle School offers free lunch this year. They offer a lot of different choices and they switch up the menus once in a while. At DPMS there are 4 of the same lines and 1 that’s just sandwiches and things like that. 

They usually offer a lot of different things! They also offer fruits and vegetables.  Compared to the food pyramid, it’s really good. They offer rice and spaghetti that’s at the bottom. They give us vegetables and fruits. They give us orange chicken which is really good because it has a lot of protein, and at the very top it’s sweets and oils.  They offer milk and cookies and Creamies. They also cook all their meals with love. 

Wyatt W. says, “It’s good and yummy, I think we should have more sweets and fruits.”