Afghan refugees are coming to Utah–How can we help?


Gavin C., Journalist

Ever since the U.S. pulled out their troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban invaded, there have been thousands of refugees fleeing from their country. The U.S.has volunteered to take in at least 50,000 refugees from Afghanistan. The question is, how should we help? 

The opportunities to help are endless, such as donating money and food, volunteering, gathering supplies, advocating, and raising awareness. The incoming refugees need places to stay, and everyday people such as you can help by giving temporary, or permanent housing. The HIAS is a non-profit organization that has seventeen different community affiliates around the U.S. with many volunteering options. 

The Salt Lake Tribune writes that, “‘We are grateful to offer a safe landing place to 765 Afghans and recognize the new perspectives and compassion they will bring to our state.”

Gov. Spencer Cox said in a statement.,‘There is still work to be done to prepare, and we are awaiting additional information from the State Department.” The article goes on to explain that Utah will receive around 765 refugees who will arrive around this year in October. With the help of the people that are excepting refugees, they can feel welcome and safer than before.