How to Make A Basic Outfit better for Fall 2021


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Beautiful black and white wool houndstooth swirled

Rianna D.

Fall is right around the corner. Fall themed drinks are coming, decorated homes and most importantly, fashion is changing. Instead of wearing a tank top and shorts, it’s now sweaters and fuzzy socks . Wearing a plain old sweater and some leggings is comfortable and nice, but by layering, adding accessories, using fall fashion trends, etc. your outfit can look bomb! 


Patterns make your outfit look extra, so by adding a patterned scarf or leggings, It’ll look cute! Here are some patterns you can use. (houndstooth and plaid)


Accessories make your soon to be cute outfit, pop. Best accessories to use are sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, and crossbody bags. If you wanna use other accessories that are appropriate for fall, go ahead! Colors that are suitable for accessories are nude, white, and black. Using these colors can be wearable even after fall! For jewelry, gold is the best option.  It matches the warm-toned theme and is suitable for all skin tones.


Layering clothing pieces is perfect for the fall, not only for fashion but for comfortableness. It can be cold and chilly so it’s probably best to wear a shirt under a sweater, a turtle neck works too! For layering, you don’t wanna use the same colors. Try using a bright color matched with white, if you prefer dark colors, that works too! 

Basic outfits are totally fine, but if you want to look extra good for fall season, using these tips might help.