Do dogs impact people’s lives?


Helena G and Sophia N. C

Dogs really can be mans’ best friend, as they can suppress stress and bad thoughts. As of 2021, 38.4% of the population in America own a dog in their home. These animals have a positive effect on the owner’s mental health.

When people spend time with dogs, their brain produces a chemical called the ‘cuddle chemical’, also known as oxytocin. Dogs also require lots of exercise, forcing owners to get out of the house with them.







All types of dogs suppress anxiety, but a few breeds that are especially good at it are Pomeranians, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers. Households that own dogs are generally happier and more enjoyable to be in and around. Readers can adopt a dog at the Utah Animal Adoption Center in Sandy, UT. There are other animal adoption centers around the state and country.