Courage cards demonstrate truth about money


Photo Credit: Jane J.

Jane J., Journalist

Humans have pretended that lumps of metal and pieces of paper are valuable since 600 BC, in the form of money.

Similarly, at DPMS, it is pretended that courage cards have value. Only this year’s courage cards though. A couple lowly orange courage cards from last year sit abandoned in front of the school. Currency, inside and out of DMPS, hold their value in a game of trust. With money, it is a global game of trust, and with courage cards, that game is played within the school.

After working hard in class and getting a courage card, that student trusts that their work will translate into a reward redeemed by that courage card. But that courage card is only worth something because everyone pretends it does. 

So the next time a dollar, or courage card, changes hands, know that everything is imaginary in that exchange. Except for trust.