A Shutdown Situation


Gavin C. & Harris T., Journalist

Big social media companies such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram were all temporarily shut down last Monday (10/4). The company claims that it was a “faulty configuration change” that backed up traffic creating a domino effect crashing the app. This only mounted to their increasing problems.

For weeks they have been under thin ice after a former  Facebook product manager who amassed thousands of pages of internal research, who has since distributed the cache to the news media, lawmakers, and regulators, revealing that Facebook knew of many harms that its services were causing, including that Instagram made teenagers feel worse about themselves.

There are suspicions that the recent whistleblower could be related to the recent shutdown. But Facebook employees say that there was reason to suspect foul play.  Later the company wrote that they are sorry for the interruption and after 7 P.M social media platforms will be back online. This is the longest time that the company has been offline since 2008.