Star Wars: the Force Awakens broke box office records in the Opening Week

By Bradley Critchfield

The newest edition in the Star Wars series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has been released worldwide and made $23 million within the first weekend according to Cinema Blend.

“I loved the  new Star Wars movie, Force Awakens, because they had amazing plot lines, great characters, and character motivations,” said Whitney Lang, an 8th grade student.

Other students agree by saying, “I thought the plot of Star Wars was really good and I love all the new characters,” said Colton Grimshaw, an 8th grade student.

One student said what they didn’t like was, “I didn’t like Kilo Ren. He was kind of cool with the mask and cool light saber, but he didn’t give me the Vador,” said Lang.

One other student said “I thought they could have made Kilo Ren scarier,” said  Spencer Holiday, an eighth grade student.