Corner Canyon Winning Football Record

Corner Canyon Winning Football Record

Roman R and Jaden A

Corner Canyon High school is a 6A school located in Draper, Utah. They are mostly known for their amazing varsity football team. They are currently 8-0 and have recently beat the 2nd best team in the state which now officially makes them the best football team in Utah at the moment. 

Corner Canyon High School is the only ranked team in Utah.  The team is ranked 13th in America. They have gone to the state championship 3 times in a row and won all three years. The Chargers are 56-0 in the past three and a half years and they just broke the Utah undefeated record last week.  

The team is led by coach, Erick Kjar, who has been a coach for 16 years. Kjar has been Corner Canyon’s coach for several years.

Corner Canyon has 4 more games until the playoffs where they will most likely have the 1st round bye. This week’s game the Chargers are facing Lone Peak, who are ranked 3rd in the state. 

This will be the Chargers last home game.