Barbie Parachute

Barbie Parachute

Saige R

Mrs. Stenten-Lee, the science teacher on team Freyer, was holding a Barbie parachute contest for each of her class periods. Because of Covid-19 she did not hold this contest last year.

The students in her classes were required to do this competition. Her students were to work with their table partners. They were then given a Barbie at random. They  planned out how they were going to make the parachute. 

The rules were you needed some type of harness that the Barbie can come in and out of. Stenten-Lee required each partnership put in the same amount of effort. 

After the parachutes were done the students did test runs. Whatever changes they needed to make to the parachute they made.  Students were given 2 days to complete this assignment. 

When the day came to compete the students were lined up near a balcony and they dropped their parachutes at the same time. 

The wining parachute from each class period would get a class prize.