The Seussical Cast list posted!

The Seussical Cast list posted!

Myla T

Mrs. Hiner has posted the Seussical cast list down by her classroom in front of the auditorium. Rehearsals start Monday October 11th 2021. The cast has been separated into two casts. Each cast will be performing as their lead character for two nights. On their off night they will be in the ensemble. 

This group of talented students will be working on this production for the next 6 months to get ready for their shows. Mrs. Hiner will be leading and guiding these young actors constanting of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Performances will take place 23-26 of March.

The two different casts in the Seussical the Musical that will be performing every other night. On the Wednesday and the Friday shows Red Fish cast will be performing. On the Thursday and Saturday shows Blue Fish cast will be performing.   

The lead roles in Red fish will be played by Porter Hiatt, Lauren Montague, Owen Smith, Olivia Smith, Maisy Stevens, Danica Herring, Kate Anderson, Willam Petersen, and Ashtyn Cotterell.

The lead roles in Blue fish will be played by Baron Davis, Finn McDowell, Isaac Nichols, Brynlea Forchuk, Josie Rees, Myla Taylor, Daisy Rees, Denton Millet, and Jane Jasper. 

DPMS get excited. This is going to be a great show, hopefully the best yet!