Book Club!


Yaz B.H. and Jake

Book club is an event where students come and sign up to read.  The club is hosted by Ms. Arbon, the school’s librarian. A book is chosen for the students to read for each quarter. On a specific date at lunch, students in the club will come to the library, to talk about the book, and have a free lunch.  The lunch is catered by an outside restaurant. 

Signing up for book club is easy.  There is a signup sheet in the library where students can join.

According to Ms. Arbon, “Once you sign up for a book club your teachers will let you know if you are in.” 

The librarian choses the book for the students. If students are chosen for book club, they are given a book to keep and will enjoy a lunch with other students in the club. 

Ms. Arbon runs the discussion about the book while students eat.