Oktoberfest is here!!


Beau F.

Oktoberfest is happening right now! Oktoberfest is a festival that happens every October.  People gather together to eat, drink and play games.

Oktoberfest started as a wedding celebration more than 200 years ago and it continues to be celebrated as an October event.  This festival, originating in Germany, celebrates the Autumn season with drinking and fun. 

Utah has many Oktoberfest activities.  In Utah, Oktoberfest is celebrated throughout the months of September and October.  Snowbird is the most popular Oktoberfest event in the SLC area.

One reason to participate in Oktoberfest activities is that it is a break from electronics, and it is an unusual activity to try out. If Oktoberfest sounds interesting, then attend Oktoberfest every Saturday and Sunday in October at Snowbird.