Halloween festivals around the Salt Lake valley


Samantha R

There are many different places to go during Halloween such as Cornbelly’s and Frightmares. Cornbelly’s and Frightmares are fun Halloween festivals to attend with friends and family.

Frightmares is at Lagoon, where there are many festivities to do like the shows. All the usual rides are also available. Cornbelly’s is at Thanksgiving point and it is a corn maze and it has fun games. You can bring your friends and family to Frightmares and Cornbelly’s because both festivals are kid-friendly.

At Cornbelly’s, tickets must be bought beforehand. The tickets cost $12.95 for weekdays and $16.95 for weekends. At Frightmares, you also have to buy tickets before coming. The tickets at Frightmares cost 10-12 dollars.

Cornbelly’s usually gets the most crowded at 6:00 pm-8:30 pm. So if you don’t want it to be busy, go in the afternoon from 3:00-5:30. Frightmares is busy around 5:00-11:00, this is the time they are open. You could go on Saturdays, when it is less crowded.

Cornbelly’s serves food. Their food selection is one of the attractions that bring a crowd. They have corn dogs, cider doughnuts and kettle corn. Frightmares also has food. They have pizza, pretzels, fried chicken, and funnel cake. 

Cornbelly’s and Frightmares would be very fun places to go this Halloween season.