Ms Gutzman: The most inspiring teacher

Ms Gutzman: The most inspiring teacher

Avery C.

Mrs. Gutzman is the 8th grade math teacher on team Heimdall. Every week she does this thing called “Monday Meditation” to help our classes settle down for the week and set goals on how we want to act and achieve our goals. 

Students learn a vocabulary word every week and set goals based on that word. At the end of the week, students see how well they did on their goals and what improvements might need to be made. 

On Mondays, Ms. Gutzman’s students’ switch seats. She says she does this to help kids get to know everyone in the class, and to grow relationships. 

Gutzman has many quotes around her room that talk about important topics, it is one of the things that makes her classroom feel so welcome. All of these things create a comfortable environment for all the students that have her, and she truly is just an inspiration to everyone around her.