How is everyone’s Christmas spirit?

How is everyones Christmas spirit?

Yessena S, Student Writer

I know when it gets close to this time of the year …(And by that I mean December) I really get in the Christmas spirt!! I always wonder how many other people are also in the Christmas spirit… well most people I talk to either say … Yessena it’s still a month away from Christmas why are you asking me about it? Or they say, “I’m so excited for my presents.” In my mind I think that’s not what Christmas spirit means. Christmas spirit is more than being excited for the things your parents or other family members buy you.

Christmas spirit is all about being excited to get your family together and be able to celebrate the holidays with the people you love most…It’s about bursting out into singing jingle bells when you and your family are decorating the tree and most of all it’s about not being a grinch! Be m0re like Cindy Lou Who !!