Draper City Park lights


Courtesy of Deseret News

Michael K., Student Writer

As November comes to an end and Christmas is right around the corner, workers at Draper City Park set up lights on the trees to prepare for the holidays. All the trees are covered in Christmas lights with all sorts of colors like red, green and more! The biggest tree out of them all is called the ‘Tree of Life’ and it doesn’t have 1,000 lights but 1,000 light strands!

The ‘Tree of Life’ name was inspired by a reference in  The Book of Mormon. The tree’s lights are set up during November and lasts up to December 31st.  That may be plenty of time to get yourself to the park and see all the wonderful lights at Draper Park.

Though not only trees get covered in lights, so do some of the structures like the wooden bridge! Even more colorful lights are on the bridge and look wonderful outside and inside. Some people recommend going here to take wonderful pictures with your family for the holidays and to have lots of fun!

The tree and all other lights can be seen at 12500 S 1300 E, Draper, UT 84020!