Corner Canyon lost win streak to Lone Peak… AGAIN!


Roman R and Bronson E

Corner Canyon is a 6A high school located in Draper, Utah. They are mostly known for their amazing football program. Two weeks ago they went to the state championship game against Lone Peak where they unfortunately lost. They got to state by destroying every team they played all year besides Lone Peak, which left them with the record of 12-1 going into state.

When they got to state their defense was not playing how they should have been, allowing Lone Peak to score a total of 49 points by the end of the game. Corner’s offense was doing pretty good though scoring a total of 42 points. This lead to the final score of the game to be 49-42 and a Lone Peak win.

The game was a total offensive game. It was held at the Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Corner Canyon’s defense was terrible. According to 247 sports, Harrison Taggart is 4 star recruit and he is committed to Oregon. This means that he is a very good linebacker and is one of the best linebackers in the country. Although he is an outstanding player, he didn’t do as well as he normally plays. This hurt the defense because he is their star player.

All of the coverage players like safeties and defensive backs didn’t play well. It looked like a circus out there. However, Moe Mulalua, who isn’t even a starter, played very well as a DB in the game last week. On the offensive side of the ball, things were booming like usual. Devin Brown, 5 star recruit that was invited to the Elite 11 last year, is a very exceptional player. Except, most Corner Canyon fans would agree that Jaxson Dart, former GPOY, all-time passing TD leader in Utah in a season, Corner Canyons 2020 QB, and USC’s Starting QB is much better.

Brown usually struggles in high pressure situations, which is when J-Dart shines.  Devin threw an interception at the end of the game to seal the game for Lone Peak. There was still a lot of time when they had the ball, but Brown tried to take a shot and it resulted in a pick. Back to the offense.  It was booming starting with Jett Meine and Cody Hagen, Corners star receivers. Cody Hagen lead the team in all of the receiving stats with 7 catches for 127 yards with 2 tuddies. Jett was right behind him with 5 catches, 115 yards and an INSANE one handed grab for a touchdown.

Lone Peak’s QB and running backs played very well. Easton Comer, had 4 passing touchdowns. Luke Durfey only had 8 carries but still scored twice. Above all, Jaxson Willits, a RB for LonePeak, had 22 carries 121 yards but 0 touchdowns. Corners defense was very lazy and the offense played very well, but threw the game away at the very end which ended in a sad loss.

Fun Facts: Recruitment List

Devin Brown: Best Offer: Ohio State, Committed to: Was committed to USC but de-commited last week because of J Dart

Harry Taggart: Best Offer: Oregon, Committed to: Oregon

Jett Meine: Best Offer: BYU Committed to: N/A

Cody Hagen: Best Offer: Oregon, Committed to: BYU

Tre Kofe: Best Offer: Idaho State, Committed to: N/A

Mikah Wilson aka Zach Wilson’s younger brother: Best Offer: BYU, Committed to: BYU