New Ride at Lagoon?

New Ride at Lagoon?

Kensie J., Student Writer

Lagoon, everybody’s favorite theme park, is building a new ride called Primordial.

Primordial will be located near the rides Rocket and Samurai, in the older kid area. This cool new ride will open in 2022, with no known exact date due to the COVID Pandemic. This ride is very large, almost as tall as Cannibal’s tower.

Many are excited for this ride since new rides are always fun to have. Others are excited about the lines being shorter for other rides since Primordial will be the big new hit.

Lagoon has been making steady progress on the ride; many hope that it will continue to be built at a steady pace and open before Lagoon closes in the fall of 2022.

This ride will be dinosaur themed, and the name ‘Primordial’ may be changed as the developers continue to build the ride.