Small boy finds himself lost in the woods


Brody M, Student Writer

Cody Sheehy, while playing, found himself lost in the freezing temperatures of Northeast Oregon in 1980.

Cody Sheehy grew up in a remote area with his ranching family. He was just six years of age and only weighing close to 40 pounds. While playing with his older sister close to the woods, Cody found himself lost. The rest of his family was enjoying a springtime picnic and had very little knowledge of Cody’s disappearance. With the setting of the evening sun, the temperature of Northeast Oregon decreased quickly. Cody’s family began a search party and had very little luck hunting him down.

Cody was able to survive with his expertise of the wild and geography.  

According to Outside it states, “Over 18 hours, he walked an estimated 14 to 20 miles out of the mountains and into the sparsely populated Wallowa Valley.” 

During his expedition, Cody came across two coyotes and he developed “acute tendonitis” which is a pain that can make it difficult to move a joint. His crazy experience led him to become mentally insane and severely ill . 

Cody, now 39, is still living in Northeast Oregon.  His story appeared in the national news. Millions of people listened to the story through a popular radio program.