Cats: why they are good pets


from Daily Paws

Lillianne R and Sean VW

Cats are the most likable creatures. They are very independent and smart. The most important thing that cats can’t survive from is water. When water is on their fur, they won’t be able to get it off. That is why they look for shelter. 

They use their pointy tongue to bathe.  The tongue is like a brush and combs and cleans all the hair on the cat’s body. This indicates why they cough up hairballs. When the water is inside the cat’s tongue, it absorbs inside and makes the cat’s fur wet and hard to take off. 

Abnormally, the cat’s spiky tongue is not lethal nor dangerous to touch. In fact, it actually tickles you. Their spiky tongues also lick off all the meat off a bone. Interesting, right? 

Cat’s soft paws can quietly touch the ground to catch their prey. Cats lick their fur for many reasons.  It calms down their blood pressure and their body temperature when they are stressed. This also helps pregnant cats. 

When a cat slowly blinks that means they trust you. Their whiskers also show how they are doing. For example, putting their whiskers back means they’re scared. Their tails also show emotions. Dogs wag their tail to show happiness, but not a cat’s tail! It means they are upset or angry. 

Cat’s are also very good at taking care of themselves. They are a good pet to have due to not having to do much. They bathe themselves, they hunt, and they are smart. Most cats stay alone and don’t group. Cats are not part of the dog family. They are part of the cat  family. Cats are 90% tigers and dogs are 60% wolf. Other members of the cat family are tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, and lions.