The Great Santa Debate


Anna Y and Heidi M

Santa. Some say that he is real and some people say he isn’t real. There are many different opinions on this, so please do not feel bad if your opinion is different from anyone else’s. 

If you didn’t know, Santa is one of the most well known holiday characters. Santa is the man on Christmas Eve that brings you gifts for being good all year. He wears a red suit and has a long white beard. He is fat and has the catchphrase, “Ho Ho Ho!” He also has a sleigh that reindeers pull and he goes through your chimney.

Some people think that he is real. Evie Mcateer, 7th grader,  states, “Well, I like to believe in Santa because he is magical.” He is definitely magical. Bentley Paynter, 7th grader,  says, “I think it is more of a feeling than a person.” Jaxon Neil, another 7th grader,  states, “No. It is impossible for a giant fat man to break into your house and not get arrested.” He clearly doesn’t believe. No matter if you believe in him or not, have a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas!