Utah Jazz games and standings


Beau F., Student Writer

The Jazz recently played against the Pelicans and lost by 1 point. They played them again and won by 22 points. The Jazz is 3rd in their division. Their standings are 14-7. (14 wins and 7 losses)
The Jazz lost to the Pelicans because of a three-pointer with two seconds left in the game. This didn’t give the Jazz enough time to score.

In the next couple of weeks, the Jazz will be playing some average and above-average teams.

They are going against the Celtics on Friday this week, and the Cavaliers on Sunday, December 5th

One Jazz player to look out for is Rudy Gobert. His role is center. In yesterday’s game, Gobert made some pretty good plays against the Trail Blazers. He scored 21 points and played for 32 minutes. Gobert got 3 assists, and one steal at the Trail Blazers game.

Another player to look for on the Celtics is Jayson Tatum. Tatum’s role is power forward. Jayson’s role is similar to center but also plays defense under the basket if the team is close to getting points. On the Nov. 28th game against the Raptors, Tatum played for 38 minutes and got 8 points, he got 1 three-pointer 10 assists, and one steal.

Another player to look out for on the Cavaliers is Ricky Rubio. Rickey’s role is point guard. Rubio makes sure that he has control of the ball and passes it to the right players. In the game against the Mavericks on Nov. 29, Rubio played for 28 minutes and got 7 points. Rubio also got one three-pointer, six assists, and one steal.

December is a full month for the Jazz with a game against The Mavericks on Christmas Day.