Helping those in need during the holidays


Adeline K, Student Writer

During Christmas it is very popular to help out the homeless by donating food, clothes and more to local organizations. There are many places that people can go to donate clothes, food, toys and more.

There is an opportunity to help make meals at Saint Vincent to give to the homeless so they have food to eat. People can also donate to them a bag of groceries so they have multiple meals.

To donate clothes head over to The Utah Food Bank so the homeless can have clothes.  People can also donate blankets, books, toys, and toiletries.

Another way that people can show kindness to the homeless is by saying “Hello, I hope you have a good day” to the homeless or giving them a couple of dollars, buy them hot chocolate and so much more.  It would make their day.

People can also make some cards for your nearby local organizations. There are many shelters that people could go too to help out the homeless.